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AssetOn delivers innovative, custom-built master data services and specialist resourcing for the mining industry.

About Us

At AssetOn, we combine the best people and technology to deliver better site efficiency and safety for your people. Through agile software and specialised resources, we’re able to streamline your operations and help you remain focused on your core business.

We have over 20 years’ experience in asset management personnel placement across the Australian mining and resources industries. Thanks to that, AssetOn has developed reliable systems that bring together specialised mining skill sets to meet your business needs.
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Geoff Boon

Director - Operations
Geoff has 32 years of maintenance industry experience in mining, mineral and metal processing, manufacturing, power generation and infrastructure. He has run large asset management projects in both Australia and New Zealand.

He was an influential regional and national manager for a large labour hire business in Australia, overseeing more than 300 people.

Geoff is a SAP Plant Maintenance Subject Matter Expert. He has a Trade, Engineering Certificate and a Diploma of Maintenance Management. He has extensive experience with master data development, system audits, business and gap analysis, KPI development (cost, reliability and performance), configuration, blue printing, training development and delivery.
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Stuart Burckhardt

Director - Consulting, Technology & Marketing
Stuart is a business manager and asset management expert. He has over 20 years’ experience in enterprise software sales, deployment and consulting.

He held senior roles at the asset management software development company, iSolutions, prior to the company’s 2016 sale to RPM Global. During this time, he led marketing, sales, consulting and operations teams as the business expanded throughout Australia, Africa, South America and USA.

Stuart is a certified ISO55000 Asset Management auditor with a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and a Certificate in Management. He also founded and ran Big Iron Consulting prior to merging the company with AssetOn in 2017.
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Anthony Large

Director - Sales, HR & Finance
Anthony is a Maintenance Specialist with over
20 years’ experience in human resource management, personnel sourcing and maintenance management in the resource industry.

He specialises in the auditing, development and implementation of preventative maintenance strategies for heavy mobile equipment.

Anthony has strong communication and business skills. He is adept at analysing existing processes and recommending and implementing innovative change to continuously improve performance.

Our Story


The Beginning

AssetOn was formed as a specialised asset management labour hire and consulting company based in Brisbane, Australia.

The Old Way

We worked on projects with Stuart Burckhardt and Big Iron Consulting to build master data and work instructions manually in MS Word and Excel. There had to be a better way! We were inspired to improve the process.


Start of Development

We formed AssetOn Technologies with Stuart Burckhardt of Big Iron and started designing a software tool. Customers who saw the early versions were impressed. This inspired us to keep going and we hired our first developer.

It's Alive!

The first version the of 'AssetOn Advantage' software was released to our team. We started building documents and data directly in the tool. A vast improvement in time and quality!


Merger with Big Iron

AssetOn merged with Big Iron Consulting and AssetOn Technologies to become AssetOn Group Pty Ltd. We won a number of large customer projects.

We Need More Space!

The team was expanding and our small South Bank office was no longer fit for purpose. We moved to larger premises in Milton.

Hastings Deering Partnership

An historic partnership with Hastings Deering was formed to deliver our master data as a service solution to Cat® equipment owners.

Anthony Large: End-to-end experience drives solutions

“I see a lot of mine sites struggling with very similar things: not having the right skill sets on site, and having messy, incomplete data.” Anthony Large talks about the benefits of high quality master data to improve planning, budgeting and the execution of critical tasks.

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Stuart Burckhardt: Smart decisions key to site efficiency

“Particularly in the last few years, reductions in costs have been a huge driver in the resources industry. And while ‘running lean’ looks good on the books, over-stretched and under-resourced teams pose real risks to the most valuable assets a business has – it’s people and machinery.” Stuart Burckhardt talks about finding asset management solutions and driving efficiency and safety.

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Geoff Boon: A system is only as good as its data

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