COVID-19 Response Measures

AssetOn is committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees, contractors, families and the wider community. We have responded to the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic by updating and implementing policies and procedures to minimise the risk of spreading the disease.

Providing Professional Resources and Quality Services

Two BHP sites in Queensland engaged AssetOn in 2016 to provide specialist resources to work with their site teams in the area of asset maintenance. AssetOn leveraged its network of Asset Management professionals to find the right fit for the client. It wasn’t just about the skills; the right attitude was required from the people filling the roles to seamlessly fit into the team.

AssetOn-Hastings Deering Joint Project Delivers for BMC

A new and industry-shaping partnership between AssetOn and Hastings Deering has passed an initial test with flying colours. The pairing took on an ambitious project at the South Walker Creek Coal Mine in the Bowen Basin, owned by BHP Mitsui Coal (BMC), building a Bill of Materials and Work Instructions for a Cat 992K Wheel Loader using Hastings Deering source data and AssetOn’s custom Advantage Software. While building a BOM and work instructions for the wheel loader isn’t ground-breaking in itself, doing so in under one month, with great accuracy and at 30% less cost than using on-site labour more than shows the outstanding potential of the partnership for mine sites in Queensland and the Northern Territory.

Why Efficient Supply Chains Need Accurate Master Data

Accurate and accessible master data is an essential ingredient in reducing downtime, improving efficiency and ensuring safety on mine sites. But the benefits go beyond these crucial areas, with impressive gains to be made in supply chain efficiency when accurate master data is leveraged by your ERP.

Our Journey to Export Success

We are thrilled to announce that we won the Business Services category at the Premier of Queensland Export Awards this week. It’s a big step in the right direction for AssetOn…

Know When to Stop Sweating Your Assets

When income is tight, mines will reduce non-critical maintenance expenditure and squeeze extra life out of components to free up much needed cash. The challenge is changing the strategy back once management gets hooked on a low-cost mindset.

New AssetOn-Hastings Deering Partnership a Win for Mine Sites

A landmark partnership between industry leaders Hasting Deering and AssetOn is set to deliver significant productivity and efficiency gains to mine sites in Queensland, the Northern Territory, Papua New Guinea and New Caledonia.

Identifying and Fixing Gaps in SAP Master Data

AssetOn has developed software tools and processes used by our master data team to efficiently audit, review and validate client Master Data against best practice. Clients can then make decisions about which data can be kept and what needs to be review. The tools guide clients by highlighting issues and making suggestions about action to take to improve the data quality. Once clients have validated the data, SAP load sheets are developed to update the master data.

Anthony Large: End-to-end experience drives solutions

“I see a lot of mine sites struggling with very similar things: not having the right skill sets on site, and having messy, incomplete data.” Anthony Large talks about the benefits of high quality master data to improve planning, budgeting and the execution of critical tasks.

Stuart Burckhardt: Smart decisions key to site efficiency

“Particularly in the last few years, reductions in costs have been a huge driver in the resources industry. And while ‘running lean’ looks good on the books, over-stretched and under-resourced teams pose real risks to the most valuable assets a business has – it’s people and machinery.” Stuart Burckhardt talks about finding asset management solutions and driving efficiency and safety.

Geoff Boon: A system is only as good as its data

“The best ERP systems are only as good as the data they hold, and unfortunately there are so many businesses migrating rubbish data into shiny new systems.” Geoff Boon talks about improving data quality and the importance of understanding data structures.

Using work instructions to ensure critical controls are in place

Mine sites are dangerous places and we all have a stake in ensuring everyone gets home safely to their families. Building critical controls into work instructions plays a huge role in keeping people safe, not to mention reducing the chances of costly down time and delays.

Site validation: generic vs specific documents

On every site, there are specific tools, equipment, warnings, hazards and a language that are particular to that site. Site validation using our AssetOn Advantage software allows us to take generic level data and work out all the things that will make it a lot more useful for the site and the work.

Mobile equipment legislation – maintaining compliance

Consider this...imagine it took you just five minutes to update each document after a legislation change. But multiply that by perhaps a thousand documents, and you end up with a touch over 83 hours of work staring you in the face. But with our Advantage software, this onerous task can be reduced to just a single day...and with much higher accuracy too.

Downtime meets its match in work instructions

Clear work instructions reduce downtime and improve safety on site – but the time it takes to develop and maintain this critical documentation often sees it neglected. This poses huge risks to safety and efficiency, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Agile systems are key to effective master data

Change is inevitable in large-scale projects, but it can cost serious time and money to implement and adapt. That’s why having a high-quality, agile master data system is essential on modern mine sites.

Avoiding equipment fires with high quality work instructions

Clear, repeatable work instructions are vital for every maintenance process, but on so many jobs, the correct procedures are not developed. With smart, relevant technology, the time and expense of creating work instructions is no longer a barrier.

How much does poor quality asset master data cost you?

Why is it that organisations still deal with inaccurate asset data and bills of material that are stored in multiple silos? It’s not only a drain on resources, it’s highly inefficient and poses safety risks – but it can easily be overcome through smart, useful technology.

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