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Actual performance is what counts

Stuart Burckhardt, Anthony Large and Geoff Boon. Directors of AssetOn.

Actual performance is what counts

We love a great theory as much as the next guy, but when it all comes down to it talk is cheap and actual performance is what really counts.

Consistently performing at a high level is a key driver of value for everyone at AssetOn. It’s our clients who benefit most from this mindset of course but if our clients win, we all win.

Our focus on actual performance is what lead us to include it as a key component of our company values. Today we’re taking a deeper look at one of the most critical – Performance at Work.

So what’s ‘Performance at Work’ all about, and why do we value it so much? Let’s take a look:

- Focus on great results and high returns (for effort and cost) – this is all about working smarter and looking for real value rather than simply ticking a box. Working smart is at the heart of everything we do at AssetOn.

- Bias-to-action. Don’t over-think it - good enough is good to go – on the surface, you might think this compromises performance. It doesn’t. What it recognises is while there’s always numerous ways to complete a job, we need to be decisive, action-oriented and avoid paralysis by analysis.

- Understand and follow the process, but always question if there is a better way – processes exist for a reason, but things change over time and thinking can evolve. Don’t be a prisoner to the way you’ve always done something, speak up if you can see room for improvements.

- The phrase ‘that’s not my job’ does not exist – this doesn’t mean you say ‘yes’ to every request, but if you’re outlook is solutions-focussed you’ll realise that we all succeed or fail collectively, and drawing imaginary boundaries around yourself is a slippery slope.

“We work in an industry and with clients that operate in a dynamic and results-driven environment,” says Geoff Boon, AssetOn Managing Director.

“A focus on work performance and outcomes is a necessity. There’s always a better way to do things but perfection is rare, so we strive for a balance between learning and improvement, and action and results.

“Our mantra is that we spend the time required to do things well while understanding that consistent execution and delivery trumps perfection delivered late.”

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