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Better outcomes start with managing yourself

Stuart Burckhardt, Anthony Large and Geoff Boon. Directors of AssetOn.

Better outcomes start with managing yourself

We’ve spent a lot of time considering and constructing a set of company values which we believe will drive a positive, solutions-focussed culture at AssetOn.

Whether you’re working remotely or in an AssetOn office, the culture of our people and our brand should be a motivating force behind your personal satisfaction in your role, and importantly the quality of your work for clients.

You can learn more about our company values here, and today we’re taking a deep dive into one of them which we call ‘Managing Yourself’.

Workplace culture is a dynamic and living thing, it changes over time and needs reinforcement from the top down and bottom up to thrive. The ‘Managing Yourself’ value is one that sets out our expectation of people joining the AssetOn team, recognising the important role we all play in establishing and building a positive culture.

“Managing yourself as a value is about having respect for yourself, confidence in what you do, looking after yourself and not looking to the organisation to do everything for you,” says Stuart Burckhardt, AssetOn Managing Director.

“We absolutely support our people but if you’ve finished a piece of work, before you present it make sure it meets your own expectations and standards.

“Be proud of what you’re presenting. We don’t want perfect getting in the way of better, but if our work represents just the bare minimum then neither ourselves or our clients are getting any value from that.”

Let’s take a look at the elements of what ‘Managing Yourself’ looks like at AssetOn:

- Strive to do better – the core advantage we offer as a company are solutions and innovation, so always be looking for a better way to do things

- Don’t stop learning – continual learning unlocks the door to growth and performance

- Make time to help others – helping others and sharing knowledge is not only personally satisfying, it also fuels the collective capability of the company

- Exhibit persistence – giving up denies our clients the outcomes they need, and denies ourselves the opportunity to think our way through problems

- Quickly admit mistakes, don’t blame others – we all make mistakes and as a company we have a tolerance for failure, the key is to tidy up our own mess, learn and move on

- Proactively share information – silos can be cancerous in organisations, but sharing information and learnings benefit us all.

Our culture supports learning and continuous improvement to deliver the best outcome for our customers and ourselves. Learning to manage yourself is at the heart of this thinking.

Sound like a culture you’d like to be part of? Register your CV with us and build your asset management career with AssetOn.