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The AssetOn Values

Stuart Burckhardt, Anthony Large and Geoff Boon. Directors of AssetOn.

The AssetOn Values

Many companies pay lip service to organisational values, but at AssetOn we’ve spent a lot of time considering and developing a set of values which we’re confident will position the company, our people and our clients for success.

We fully believe in the role our values play in setting the tone of management, shaping our culture and positively influencing the performance of our people.

The big winner from all of this are our clients, of course. But a strong set of values and a positive culture that we all enjoy being part of obviously has much wider benefit too.

Our values power our culture, and our culture is what leads to innovation, solutions and success.

So what are our values? There are six core elements:

Managing others - we want to build a high-performance culture that respects personal freedom and delivers superior outcomes.

Managing yourself - our culture supports learning and continuous improvement to deliver the best outcome for our customers and ourselves.

Making decisions - we want to successful in the long-term. We respect quick, practical decisions that support our values as well as our strategic and financial goals.

Communicating with others - we respect other’s time by communicating effectively and concisely. We listen to the input of others and share our ideas and knowledge.

Performing at work - we spend the time required to do things well while understanding that consistent execution and delivery trumps perfection delivered late.

Being innovative - we take sensible risks to achieve better outcomes. Our failures are seen as opportunities to grow.

Values aren’t worth the paper they’re written on however, if they’re not put into practice.

“Anyone can create some nice sounding values, but living and breathing them is the real acid test,” says Stuart Burckhardt, AssetOn Managing Director.

“We make a genuine effort to not only demonstrate our values every day at management level, but also to look for them in others, correct behaviours, and set the right tone.

“Our vision has always been to create a company where we all genuinely value the people we work with, as having that mindset is the most powerful thing we can do to ensure the business as a whole and our clients are successful.

“We work with and reward people who demonstrate our values. Doing this goes a long way to ensuring successful outcomes for ourselves and our clients.”

Sound like a culture you’d like to be part of? Register your CV with us and build your asset management career with AssetOn.