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We have partnered with Hastings Deering to deliver the most efficient and cost-effective master data for Cat® equipment.

You asked we delivered

The new Hastings Deering and AssetOn partnership is an industry-first master data service for new or in-service Cat® equipment. Our innovative, state-of-the-art software combined with Hastings Deering’s vast equipment database means an unparalleled product for our customers.

What master data services are like now…

Mining machines require a lot of data. That data needs to be built for your specific assets and stored securely. Ideally, you want it loaded into your CMMS or ERP but it’s not that simple. Typically, master data is kept in unstructured spreadsheets or other documents. We’re talking hundreds of files that are hard to locate, not up-to-date and not stored in a systematic way.

Each new data often means starting from scratch, involving extra resources or stretching your existing team. It’s expensive and inefficient and ultimately, inaccurate.

We knew there had to be a better way.

So, AssetOn created its innovative master data tool, MDaaS, the first in Australia. And then we partnered with Hastings Deering, one of the biggest distributors of Caterpillar equipment in the world.

Together we’re delivering the best BOM and master data service in the industry.

How it works

  • Our centralised master data team work directly with your data
  • We understand the equipment and maintenance systems first hand
  • We access the data of your specific as-built Cat equipment
  • We use a range of highly experienced master data specialists
  • We deliver data packages for SAP, Oracle and other major CMMS and ERP systems

Who’s it for?

  • Mine sites that use Cat® equipment
  • Customers who want to maximise their fleet performance
  • Customers who want drastically improved productivity, safety and cost efficiencies
  • Customers who want customised, validated BOM that adapts with their business

Why you need Dealer validated BOMs

Greater Planning Efficiency

  • Accurate materials and parts lists
  • OEM validated part numbers and supersession
  • Apply demand forecasting
  • Order parts directly
  • Reduce direct purchasing costs

Better Supply- Chain Efficiency

  • Deliver the right part requirements at the right time
  • Reduce machine downtime
  • Track parts usage in your ERP
  • Improved equipment availability

Lower Operating Costs

  • Correct parts delivered prior to task execution
  • Reduced inventory
  • Reduced emergency freight cost
  • Improved budgeting

Let's Get

The new AssetOn-Hastings Deering partnership can build validated master data and documents for your Cat® mining equipment. It's an industry first.

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