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Agile systems are key to effective master data

Agile systems are key to effective master data

Change is inevitable in large-scale projects, but it can cost serious time and money to implement and adapt.

But having a high-quality master data system with AssetOn Advantage takes away the stress, time and a lot of cost from data changes, while maintaining data and documentation quality.

As an example, we often work on projects where we need to deliver a thousand documents or more, and on occasions might get half way through and find out there’s been a change somewhere along the line.

Without our system, that change would represent weeks of work for a human and there’s every chance of inconsistencies. But the AssetOn Advantage software enables our clients to benefit from automation and repeatability, and we can quite easily create a new and highly accurate set of documents.

Sometimes, change can be completely out of your control. Perhaps the OEM has upgraded parts and replaced part numbers. Through our software, we can substitute that part number, look up which clients use that part, re-generate all of their lists, and let them know to update their system.

Another common way for change to influence projects is in response to an incident. You may find that the 12V batteries used in your machines are not vented correctly, causing a risk (or reality) of catching fire.

Clearly in a scenario like this, it’s in everyone’s safety and productivity interest to fix this and ensure work instructions and BOMs are updated, so that when someone on site is changing a battery they know the precautions and remedies to take.

To try and find all the places where documentation needs to be changed in unstructured data is quite difficult. But in our system, everything lives in one place and that one place points to all the documents where that part is listed and used.

We can update it once, re-generate the documents and away we go. And this brings other advantages too, as it means staff are more likely to continue to use and rely on documentation because they’ve stayed relevant and can be trusted.

Having agility as a core feature of our software and service is a huge advantage for our clients. It saves time and money, and the quality of data results in hugely efficient and effective asset management.

Learn more about the advantages of the agile AssetOn Advantage software, and book a confidential discussion with us today.

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