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Stuart Burckhardt: Smart decisions key to site efficiency

In times when most businesses have a laser sharp focus on costs, making smart decisions on site is more important than ever.

Particularly in the last few years, reductions in costs has been a huge driver in the resources industry. And while ‘running lean’ certainly looks good on the books in the short term, over-stretched and under-resourced teams pose real and significant risks to the most valuable assets a business has – it’s people and machinery.

Navigating the challenges of reducing costs while still maintaining a safe and efficient work site is a cause of concern for many in the industry. So what’s the answer?

Well, to start with you need to make sure you’re making smart, strategic decisions. For many that might seem easier said than done, especially when the urgency of the site environment is a constant distraction, but it’s the part of my job in working with clients that I love the most.

I’m lucky to have enjoyed a diverse career spanning 20 years in asset management, technology and consulting. I love the challenge of bringing these experiences together and drawing on the talents and expertise of my team at AssetOn to help clients solve this dilemma in smart, innovative ways.

Mine sites understandably have a relatively simple focus, and that is to get stuff out of the ground in a safe and efficient way.

What I see all too often though is sites where the everyday urgency and the stretch on resources means teams are defaulting to the way things have always been done – it’s what they know, what they understand, and it’s a quick win in a pressure situation.

There’s risk in working like this – risk to people and machinery. And this risk can come to the fore when there isn’t enough time or space for innovative and strategic thinking.

Wanting to bridge this gap is why I joined Geoff Boon and Anthony Large at AssetOn. We all share a common passion for asset management and see many opportunities to introduce smarter ways to manage assets, improve efficiency and reduce risks. Our combined expertise helps realise these opportunities more easily.

When I meet a new client, my number one goal is to get to know them, their business and their challenges. By partnering together in this way we can start to really explore the solutions AssetOn can offer that solve real onsite problems, quickly and with a healthy return on investment.

Our software and processes are the most efficient way to manage master data, create accurate bill of materials documents and develop work instructions. When done right, these things save time and money, and reduce the risk of injury.

On top of this, our process is agile. It can change when you change, and it does it quickly and accurately through automation that removes the human labour component from updating thousands of documents.

We take a strategic approach to asset management by taking a step back, understanding the challenges of the site and the purpose of its people and machinery.

Making smart decisions like these are the key to site efficiency and safety, and play a huge role in sustainable business.

Like Stuart, our consultants hold a wealth of industry experience and partner with our clients to build intelligent, sustainable, high-value asset management solutions. Get in touch with us today for a confidential discussion.

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